CluedUpp Cardiff: ‘The Latest Krays’ Review

We set off in the late morning for Cardiff Bay, jumped out of the taxi, then aimlessly walked around the Millennium Centre, hoping to find a suspect.  None of us quite understood what we were doing and were expecting to find an actor shivering in the harsh November weather of the Bay ready to tell us their statement. But alas, CluedUpp functions in a rather different way.  An app on your phone shows you where the suspects are on a map and when you arrive in that location, a notification pops up and you must solve a puzzle before it lets you read the suspect/witness’ statement. 

A part of me was a little disappointed – at £45 per team, the pictures on the website led me to believe that it would be a little more dramatised, that there would be actors, and a white tent over the ‘bodies’, and a little room set up to look like the pathologist’s lab. But I guess that would lead to queues and higher production costs. After you got over that, the app was a fun way to rush about.

We quickly got the hang of it and soon we were exploring Mermaid Quay, desperate to acquire statements to find out who killed the Krays.

As a student living in an unfamiliar city this was a great way to explore a part of the city that I had never really been to, and so I highly recommend it for Freshers who want a chance to explore and bond with their housemates simultaneously.

We followed suit of mystery TV detectives by taking a break for a quick lunch and a chat about the case where we re-read statements to eliminate suspects (and to figure out who was lying to us – the cheek of them!). At this point we had a prime suspect in mind but we still needed to cross off others and so we set off again to ‘meet’ out last few suspects/witnesses to corroborate statements.

I’m happy to announce that we caught the murderer and as an Agatha Christie fan, this outdoor murder mystery was a blast and a great was to explore the city.  It was a laugh seeing teams dressed up, shouting riddles out loud in hope that an answer will somehow appear before them. I only hope that CluedUpp release more challenges across Wales and in varying levels of difficulty to satisfy my crime-solving urges!

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